On June 30th, the South Coast Steering Committee for Outdoor Recreation met at the Wild Rivers Coast Alliance building to discuss the South Coast’s extensive trail system. The purpose of the meeting was to update the Regional  Trails Plan in order to explore proposals to develop and expand existing trails.





OSU Extension/Sea Grant’s Frank Burris facilitated the meeting while other members were from a variety of outdoor recreation-based organizations from the South Coast. After going through the list of 48 trails, individuals ranked each trail based on five criteria: 1) the trails contribution to the outdoor recreation-based economy, 2) its environmental impact, 3) the need for maintenance, 4) the trail’s infrastructure, 5) and the support it provides to the local community. The results are being compiled and will be reported as an addition of the Regional Trails Plan to help guide grant and development work in the future. The network of community stakeholders is currently discussing and planning applications for multiple grants to support trail and outdoor recreation development in the region.






The South Coast Tourism Steering Committee met on Tuesday, June 20, 2017 at 1:00pm at the Charleston Marine Life Center.

This is the local group of volunteers working with a large network of people in the region as a result of the Travel Oregon Rural Tourism Studio process that happened in the Coos Region January-April, 2017

The members that attended were: Marie Simonds, Z Flathers, K Hope, F Bai, T Mace, J Bennetti, Shaun Gibbs, and Miles Phillips with Sea Grant Interns Dustin James and Catie Michel; and members that attended by phone were: Elena Vizzini, JP Bowles, and K Clayborn. ( Apologies to anyone we may have missed)

Sea Grant Tourism Program  Intern Catie Michel at the Charleston Marine Life Center before the meeting.

Marketing Action Team lead Marie Simonds reported that the team is making progress on completing the input of ORB data related to restaurants and tourism operations in the area to help promote them. Agritourism/Eat Fresh & Local Action Team lead Michelle Martin reported that their current main priorities include collaboration with the Wild Rivers Coast Farm Trail and interviewing local producers to gauge interest in being on a farm trail. the Outdoor Recreation Action Team is working on the final vetting of the Regional Trails Plan and construction of new trails in the area.

Sea Grant Tourism Program Intern Dustin James at the Charleston Marine Life Center before the meeting.

The Coos County Tourism Workgroup Board  has approved funding match of $10,000 and the Wild Rivers Coast Alliance has offered $10,000 for the other half of the required match for South Coast Tourism Steering Committee Travel Oregon Rural Tourism Studio grant application.

For more information regarding team efforts please feel free to contact the action team leads: Michelle Martin <mmartin@nwumpqua.org> , Dave Lacey, <dave@the peoplescoast.com> Marie Simonds< msimonds@wildriverscoastalliance.com>