The Southern Oregon Coast Rural Tourism Studio concluded in Coos Bay April 19th 2017. The Studio resulted in the creation of three Action Teams that will carry forward the community’s vision for sustainable tourism development in the region. The Action Teams will be overseen by a Tourism Steering Committee that is responsible for upholding the region’s tourism vision and setting strategic direction for this effort. The Tourism Steering Committee will be convened by Miles Phillips, OSU Extension ( It’s not too late to join the effort to build a thriving tourism economy on the South Coast! Contact an action team convener listed below if you are interested in getting involved in an Action Team.

Southern Oregon Coast Rural Tourism Studio

Southern Oregon Coast Action Team Conveners & Priority Projects

Outdoor Recreation Action Team: Convener – Dave Lacey, Oregon Coast Visitors Association (

  • Develop a regional trails inventory and comprehensive trails plan

Culinary & Agritourism Action Team: Convener – Michelle Martin, Neighborworks Umpqua (

  • Expand the Wild Rivers Coast Farm Trail to Coos and Douglas County, including seafood and artisans food opportunities

Marketing Action Team: Convener – Marie Simonds, Wild Rivers Coast Alliance (

  • Develop marketing assets through compiling quality data for Travel Oregon’s database and developing a high-quality photography library for the region

Learn more about Travel Oregon’s Rural Tourism Studio and access materials from the Southern Oregon Coast workshops here.

Sitka Spruce (Picea sitchensis)

The Sitka spruce is a remarkable tree found on Oregon’s coastline. Named for the Sitka Sound in Alaska, this tree typically grows in a narrow strip of the coast from southern Alaska to northern California. It is able to grow in this environment because its needles and bark are resistant to salt spray.

Sitka spruce wood has many unique qualities that allow it to be used in a variety of different ways. Because the wood is very strong for its weight it is frequently used in aircraft frames, racing shells and ladders. The wood is also an excellent conductor of sound and is used in pianos, organs, guitars and violins.

Next time you listen to music or take a flight think about the Spruce tree and take the opportunity to walk among these wonderful trees next time you visit Coastal Oregon.

The Giant Spruce of Cape Perpetua was recently designated an Oregon Heritage Tree. According to Oregon Coast Magazine, this tree is easily accessed by hiking 1 mile along the Spruce Trail from the Cape Perpetua Visitor Center, which is just off Highway 101, 3 miles south of Yachats.

Bandon, Oregon

The final installment of the Southern Oregon Coast Rural Tourism Studio will take place April 18th and 19th in North Bend. Over the past four months Travel Oregon has put on a series of workshops focused on local economic development through tourism. OSU Sea Grant Extension has been participating in this program and will be available to offer communities and businesses assistance as they go through the program and in the future.

Tourism Marketing & Communications Workshop

Join us for an active, inspiring day of marketing training and planning for your individual business or destination, and for the region as a whole. We’ll discuss Visitor Lifecycle Management (VLM) and explore opportunities and resources associated with each step of the cycle. In addition, we’ll define the potential you have to interact and engage with the visitor as a business owner or as part of the region while aligning marketing efforts to support resource efficiency and regional awareness. This session will also tap into partnership opportunities with Travel Oregon and others in the region.

Teaming for Impact & Action Planning Workshop

The distance between your region’s vision and its reality is called action. This day is all about laying the final groundwork and jumping into action feet first alongside other motivated community members. During this workshop, you and others in your region will work together to establish local action teams and begin developing priority projects in line with the region’s 15-year vision for tourism. Participants will implement strategies to form well structured teams (of individuals, groups or organizations) in order to increase a project’s success and sustainability. Participants who attended prior workshops are strongly encouraged to attend this results-oriented session. Get ready to roll up your sleeves, get engaged, and move to action.

Community Tourism Celebration

Plan on attending the Community Tourism Celebration with your friends, family and colleagues. Graduates will be awarded certificates of completion and the new community tourism vision, action teams and priority projects will be shared with the community. Please make sure to extend the invitation to other movers and shakers from the region! This will be an important event to transition from training to community action.

Sign up for the final workshops and community celebration!