The Guide, Outfitter, Recognition & Professional Development (GORP) program
is a new program being offered by Oregon Sea Grant/OSU Extension.

GORP 4-H Youth:
A companion program for Youth is also being offered as the GORP 4-H program.

Oregon Coast
Oregon Coast

GORP Coastal for Guide/Outfitters/Tour Leaders

  • OSU Extension and Oregon Sea Grant are offering new services to support fishing charter guides and other coastal outdoor recreation, businesses.
  • The program is the Guide & Outfitter Recognition and Professional Development (GORP) Program.
  • This program provides opportunities to have your experience and expertise recognized by a new marketing program.
  • The voluntary program provides training aligned with new industry performance and qualification standards produced by the International Adventure Travel Trade Association(ATTA).
  • The program uses your input to create specialized sessions to address your requested unique marketing or knowledge content.
  • In person and online training.
  • Expand your knowledge of coastal flora and fauna.

Test your knowledge of Oregon with this short 10 question trivia quiz!
(Note: this is an example of the online system we will use for part of guide training)

Due to generous sponsorship by the Oregon Coast Visitor Association who is covering all registration costs, there is no cost to you for this training and assistance. (This would be a few hundred dollars otherwise for the series.)

Initial Workshops were offered in three locations along coast.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018 3:30-5pm Surfsand Resort, Cannon Beach
Wednesday, May 23, 2018 3:30-5:00pm Lincoln County Extension Office, Newport
Thursday, May 24, 2018 3:30-5:00pm Curry County Extension Office, Gold Beach


If you did not attend you can still sign up and participate fully. The full course will launch in Fall 2018 with online and in person training.


Sign up here if  want
more information on the GORP program

GORP 4-H Program
Coastal Entrepreneur -Youth
Guide/Outfitters/Tour Leaders

  • Learn about small business development.
  • Learn leadership and outdoor skills.
  • Meet Professional Guides, go on outings, gain job skills.
  • Opportunity to participate in Youth Entrepreneur Day at OSU College of Business in Corvallis April 27th!
  • Learn about business development using the outdoor recreation and tourism industry for a business model.
  • Create your own business plan and learn from business professionals. Tours, Workshops and Online

Sign up for GORP 4-H information here

GORP 4-H Flyer

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