Training Program: Guide & Outfitter Recognized Professional (GORP)

Courses open January 2020 for Winter 2020 Session of GORP


Certificate Presentation & Workshop


Log In Here to Guide Training Course on Canvas if already enrolled.

For those interested in youth programs.

The GORP 4-H Program
A companion program for youth is also being offered as the GORP 4-H program called the 
Youth Entrepreneur – Business as a Youth Guide/Outfitter/Tour Leader

  • Learn about small business development.
  • Learn leadership and outdoor skills.
  • Meet Professional Guides, go on outings, gain job skills.
  • Opportunity to participate in Youth Entrepreneur Day at OSU College of Business in Corvallis in April
  • Learn about business development using the outdoor recreation and tourism industry for a business model.
  • Create your own business plan and learn from business professionals. Tours, Workshops and Online

To sign up or learn more complete follow the link below to complete the request form and contact your local County Extension Agent


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