2020 Tourism Stakeholder Survey Open
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Dear Tourism Industry Partners, 

Make your voice heard, complete this survey and forward this to others before the deadline of Oct. 30th, 2020 if you are concerned about economic growth, over-tourism, workforce investments, protecting the environment, building more tourism infrastructure (trails, kayak launches, etc.) or all of the above. 

Your feedback becomes part of the official record at the state level (Travel Oregon) and for Oregon Coast Visitors Association (OCVA) at the coast-region, which determines how funding is allocated across our departments, programs and projects over the next two years. 

2020 has presented new and dynamic challenges that require innovative problem-solving and leadership. Your responses will directly inform our investments and solutions to our shared coastal challenges.

We know it’s long (15 minutes start to finish), but your feedback is absolutely critical to ensure investments made in OCVA’s 2021 – 2023 Regional Cooperative Tourism Program plan are on target and address your concerns. The survey is available in English and Spanish. 

View the results of the 2018 Oregon Tourism Stakeholder Survey, which guided the development of our current 2019-2021 Regional Cooperative Tourism Program plan and all of our active projects listed in our RCTP Dashboard

Thank you for your time, diligence and commitment to the Oregon Coast.

Respectfully and Gratefully, 

The OCVA Team 
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$3000 Prizes Open to Pros & Amateurs

CALL to PHOTOGRAPHERS – http://wildriverslandtrust.org

Dear Photographer Friends,

I wanted to invite you to participate in our first ever Wild Rivers Land Trust Photography Contest!

We are thrilled to be working with some local property owners and  some of our local photo friends like you, to create an all new program of photographing wildlife along the southern Oregon coast. There are so many possibilities for this and we are hoping you can be our charter group to pave the way!

The basics:
– go to our website – http://www.wildriverslandtrust.org/news–events.html
– read the rules and register
– we will match you with a landowner/partner so you make arrangements to set up your shooting dates sometime between Sept 26 and Oct 4th
– if you have any questions, please give me a call at 541-253-1260

Hope to hear back from you soon! Feel free to pass this along to some of your other serious photo friends. I should also mention that we have only five properties available so there will be a limit to the number of photographers for this first year.


Pamela, Wild Rivers Land Trust

US Department of Agriculture, Rural Development (USDA-RD) program recently launched a resource guide that supports recreational economies in rural America.

This guide provides rural community leaders and economic development practitioners a complete program list for the Rural Development program, Forest Service, and National Institute for Food and Agriculture.

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Find this resource guide in a PDF format at