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OSU Extension is currently constructing an online learning program to introduce the public to Oregon’s Marine Reserve System. The Marine Reserve Area Training Program (MRTP) will consist of six courses. There is one course for each of the five reserves and one course that covers Oregon’s system. Each is course is free and available to anyone online. You work on the courses at your own convenience, and each course should take about 1/2 hour to complete.

This course will educate guides, individuals affiliated with the reserves, and interested parties about the Oregon’s marine management areas. After taking the MRTP courses, participants will be able to share information about the marine reserves in Oregon. These courses will help further the understanding of marine reserves in Oregon through outreach, which is an objective of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife who manage the reserves.

Community Teams from the reserves and Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife support the purpose of this training and will vet all information contained within the training.

Here’s a snippet of what you will learn:

  • What constitutes a marine reserve and protected area in Oregon and how does that compare to others around the world
  • What science goes on in these designated areas and what purpose does it serve
  • How do the reserves function and who manages them
  • What habitats and organisms can be found at the reserves
  • What makes each reserve unique
  • What monitoring programs are underway
  • What restrictions exist

In addition to the multimedia online courses. We will offer a mobile trivia game for the general public consisting of one game for each MRTP. The trivia game will not include any of the text, graphics, images, videos, links, or optional content materials found in the MRTP. Instead participants will try their hand at guessing the answers, based on their existing knowledge. They have the option to retake the trivia multiple times until they successfully answer the questions. Through this repeated process misconceptions are replaced with accurate knowledge.

The process of vetting the MRTP is almost complete. The expected launch date is October 2019.

We look forward to sharing this great resource with you!

The MRTP was created through the partnership of the Oregon Sea Grant, Oregon State University Extension, Wild Rivers Coast Alliance, and Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

If you would like to be notified when you can begin the MRTP, CLICK HERE to provide your email

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