As a component of our program to assist the tourism and outdoor recreation industry we will compile and present related publications, including video content, from Extension and other research based sources.

Innovative and promising practices in sustainable tourism. Case Studies

The intent of this volume is to provide an opportunity for academics, extension professionals, industry stakeholders and community practitioners to reflect, discuss and share the innovative approaches that they have taken to develop sustainable tourism in a variety of different contexts. This volume includes nine cases from across North and Central America reaching from Hawaii in the west to New England in the east and from Quebec in the north to Costa Rica in the south. Case studies are a valuable way to synthesize and share lessons learned and they help to create new knowledge and enhanced applications in practice. There are two main audiences for this volume: 1) faculty and students in tourism related academic programs who will benefit from having access to current case studies that highlight how various stakeholders are approaching common issues, opportunities and trends in tourism, and 2) extension agents and practitioners who will gain important insights from the lessons learned in the current case study contexts.
Volume 1 in its entirety:; DOI: 10.25316/IR-8748

    1. Agritourism in Oregon’s Coastal Counties: Land Use Policy and Permitting Requirements
      A description of policies and permits related to Oregon coastal agritourism. Authors: Miles Phillips et al May 2017
    2. Transient Lodging Taxes on the Oregon Coast
      A description Oregon Transient Lodging Tax and of the Oregon coast local government transient lodging tax rates and uses. Authors: Miles Phillips et al July 2017
    3. Assessment of Registered Oregon Coast Outfitters and Guides
      A summary of the number and location of guides registered with the Oregon State Marine Board and the types of services they offer. Miles Phillips et al July 2017. This is a companion report to “Survey of Online Marketing Success and Pricing for Oregon Coast Fishing Guides and Tour Operators” 
    4. Survey of Online Marketing Success and Pricing for Oregon Coast Fishing Guides and Tour Operators 2017
      Results of applied research examining the locations, numbers, types and pricing of guided outdoor recreation experiences along the Oregon Coast. This study address charter salmon fishing, kayaking, and whale watching and describes market prices and aspects of relative effectiveness of these businesses in online marketing. Miles Phillips et al July 2017 This is a companion report to “Assessment of Registered Oregon Coast Outfitters and Guides”
    5. 2018 Evaluation of Pricing and Online Presence of Oregon Coast Tour Operators

    6. Oregon Coast Tourism Workforce Needs Report 2018 
      This report presents results of the 2018 workforce needs assessment. The data was collected through and online survey of members of the Oregon Coast Hospitality and Tourism Visitor Industry on behalf of the Oregon Coast Visitors Association (OCVA)

    7. Low-Cost Method for Conducting an Evaluation of Pricing and Online Presence of Tour Operators 

The following publications are Tourism Spending/Economic Impact Fact Sheets. They are 1 or 2 page PDF documents (1 Sheet Back to Back)
1 Page Documents

Coos County Tourism Economics

Curry County Tourism Economics

Coos and Curry Tourism Economics

About OSU Extension Sea Grant

Oregon Tourism Economics

2 Page Documents

Oregon Visitor Spending with About OSU Extension

Coos with Combined Data

Curry with Combined Data

Coos with About OSU Extension

Curry with About OSU Extension

You can find and download other publications here: Oregon State University Online Publication Catalogue


Additional Publications Regarding Tourism Industry and Stakeholder Values

  1. 2017 Oregon Coast Tourism Stakeholder Input Survey
  2. Oregon Tourism Economic Impact 2017
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