Dungeness crab have been commercially harvested on the West Coast for more than 150 years. Today this fishery is considered the most valuable single species commercial fishery in Oregon with an average value of $32.5 million .

The ocean crab season along the Oregon coast typically begins on December 1st and continues through August, although the majority of the harvest occurs during the first eight weeks of the season.

During the peak of the Dungeness crab harvest fresh crab is readily available at supermarket seafood counters and specialty seafood markets up and down the coast. Click here to find fresh crab near you!

You can also try your hand at harvesting Dungeness crab year round on the Oregon Coast. Crabbing requires minimal gear that is often available for rent in coastal towns and can be done from a boat or dockside. Try it today!

Don’t forget to check the current dates and fees for the South Coast’s Annual Charleston Crab Feed in February. You will be glad you did!