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A mountain biker visiting from out of town and enjoying Whiskey Run Trails September 2021

Please let us know about your experiences and facility desires.

Are you a Mountain Bike Rider?

We would like your input on your experience at Whiskey Run Trails…or even if you have not already used the Whiskey Run Trails System.

Whiskey Run Trails are located between Bandon and Coos Bay Oregon…, Travel South Oregon Coast invites you complete an online survey being conducted by Oregon State University Extension to get your input on trail use, design and new facilities development.

The Whiskey Run Trails are a result of a vision of and partnership between numerous agencies including Wild Rivers Coast Alliance, Coos County Commissioners and County Foresters, Travel Oregon, and others. The efforts were meant to help make the Coos County Forest a recreation destination. Located in an active logging forest, visitors can see the successions of trees and harvesting in this coastal forest while enjoying sweeping views, tranquil streams, and fern covered forest floors. Located between the towns of Coos Bay and Bandon, these trails offer a great excuse to bring along your mountain bike on your Highway 101 road trip!

The Whiskey Run Trails are professionally built trails by the local and PNW regional trail building company Ptarmigan Ptrails, LLC. The trails are a blend between flow and cross country style, and are great for all levels of riders with open sight lines, easy climbs, and chances to catch some air if you want. You’ll dip and wind through the forest in this unique South Coast environment. There are trails for kids on Strider-style bikes up to pro-jump lines.

Trails are signed for appropriate skill level. Always ride within your skill level and respect trail closures due to weather, water, and other events.

See links below for additional information about the the Whiskey Run Mountain Bike Trails.

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