National Extension Tourism Conference: Tourism in the 21st Century

About the 2017 NET Conference

This conference is an outstanding opportunity for Extension professionals and others working in the broad area of tourism and recreation – including tourism service providers and businesses – to share programs, initiatives, research, and success stories, and to network with other professionals.

This year’s theme, “Tourism in the 21st Century: Connecting Communities, Places, and People,” focuses on the important role that tourism plays in many aspects of communities, places, and people.

Topical areas include:

  1. Nature‐Based Tourism: Ecotourism, Wildlife‐watching, and Adventure Tourism
  2. Agritourism – Local Foods, Farmers Markets, Culinary Tourism, and Farm Stays
  3. Cultural-Heritage Tourism
  4. Marketing and Promotion – the Digital Revolution
  5. The Shared Economy
  6. Placemaking
  7. Community and Regional Planning and Development
  8. Economic, Environmental, and Social Impacts of Tourism and Recreation
  9. Tourism Education, Training, and Certification Programs
  10. Tourism Research and Evaluation

Call for Proposals

We invite you to submit a proposal for presentation at the conference!

Presentation Types

  • Oral Presentation (20 minute presentation with 5-10 minutes for Q&A)
  • Poster Presentation – The standard poster size is 36 x 48.
  • Workshop Presentation (60 minutes) – Workshops should not just be extended oral presentations, as these should include an interactive component providing hands-on experiential opportunities for professional development. A limited number of workshops will be accepted.

Potential presenters are encouraged to submit more than one presentation proposal, if interested.

Visit the Call for Proposals webpage to submit your proposal(s).

The deadline for submission is March 13, 2017, and presenters will be notified in mid-April if accepted.

Specific questions or inquiries regarding proposal submissions may be addressed to:
Dr. Steve Burr, 2017 NET Conference Program Chair
Phone: (435) 797-5120

“Tourism in the 21st Century:
Connecting Communities, Places and People”

Nassau Inn, Princeton, NJ
August 8 – 10, 2017

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