Experienced guides, the Guide & Outfitters Recognized Professional training program is for you! GORP will raise the value of your guiding services.

Aspiring guides, the Guide & Outfitters Recognized Professional training program will give you a great foundation for your future business.

BECOME A GORP GUIDE – Guide & Outfitter Recognized Professional !

  • All GORP program courses are free in response to COVID19.
  • Proceed through the coursework online from home at your own pace and schedule.
  • Many complete all the coursework in less than two weeks.

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The GORP TRAINING PROGRAM provides a broad range of knowledge and skills essential to successful guide businesses.

These courses prepare you to meet the International Adventure Travel Guide Qualifications and Performance Standard , the ATTA Guide Standard. The content is organized into four courses: Global, National, State, and Local.

GLOBAL content is useful business information for all guides, anywhere; content includes group management, customer service, sustainability, marketing, personal interpretation skills, and basic terrestrial and marine ecology & more.
NATIONAL and STATE courses provide key economics, agencies, and natural feature information.
LOCAL course content includes identification of 101 local species of plants and animals, knowledge of local history, natural resource agencies, natural features, towns, and tourism organizations etc.

The enrollment process will take you to apps.ideal-logic.com. Once your registration has been submitted. You will receive an email confirming your registration. A couple of days later you will receive a second email with details on how to access your course.

During the registration process you will be directed to a page (see image below) to set up account with apps.ideal-logic.com with Oregon State University. CLICK HERE for instructions if needed.

As a reminder the web address to log into your courses is https://canvas.instructure.com/

NOTE: CANVAS does not work in all browsers. If you are experiencing a problem accessing your course, please try a different browser. For example, Canvas will not work in Internet Explorer browser.

CLICK HERE to watch webinars presenting key information for the guide industry.

MAY 31, 2019 – Close of Winter 2019 GORP course… be sure to complete your coursework by this date.

JUNE 10, 2019  3:00pm – 4: 3o pm pst –  WEBINAR on Risk Management covering liability insurance, survival skills, and tsunami preparedness. Link to webinar will be placed here prior to event!

SEPTEMBER 1, 2019 tentative start date for next GORP course, watch for email announcement